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Customized massage and energy work for every body

Does your body ache after a hard workout or a stressful day? 

Are you not feeling quite yourself?

Or perhaps you just need to relax and de-stress in a peaceful environment? 


I can help!


I love helping people to feel like the best version of themselves, and pride myself on customer service. Each session is customized to suit your needs, whether you need a deep tissue massage, a renewing energy work session or a space for deep heart healing, relaxation and re-alignment so that you can be your best, most authentic self!


Massage has been a method of relaxation and healing for hundreds of years, but what exactly does it do, and why should you partake? 

Touch has been researched and proven to be a life source and a necessity for humans. Without touch, our bodies literally begin to die off. Massage provides the perfect conduit for that touch in a safe, professional environment. Stress is an every day normality for some of us and the antidote for stress is relaxation. Massage provides that relaxation through a physiological response to the nervous system being relaxed and muscle tension being released.

Massage also helps to circulate blood and lymph through the body, aiding in faster relief of aches and pains and clearing blockages, allowing the body to function at it’s best.  A deep tissue or sports massage can actually help the muscles to function in a more proper manner by stretching and lengthening muscles, loosening attachments and releasing bound up areas. 


What is energy work, and how could it benefit me?

Many times, physical aches, pains and ailments are present because of mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and misalignments in the system. The energy work I do is based in the Ayurvedic teachings tell us that there are energy centers located throughout your body (chakras) and around your body (aura) through which you experience everything in life. This is where you feel all of your emotions, where you store all of your experiences. These energy centers also connect your physical body with your mind and your spirit.

In my energy work sessions, I work intuitively with you to help you to release emotions, pain and programming that is no longer serving you, help to define energetic boundaries, be more present in your life and move into more peace, confidence and joy,  thereby allowing you to be the best version of yourself. Every energy work session is different, time to time and person to person, customized specifically to your needs at that point.

  My clients have said that after an energy work session, they feel more grounded, lighter, have more energy, feel safe and protected and just feel all around better!


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