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Client Testimonials

"You will not find a better massage therapist than Lauren. I have been seeing her for two years. Trust me - Lauren knows her stuff. I have orthopedic issues and she helps me maintain my mobility as well as my sanity. She takes a special interest in her clients and truly wants you to feel better than when you walked through the door. Lauren will use the best technique suitable for you body's needs. This is not your run of the mill "fluff" massage you would receive in chain spas. Lauren is a gifted, true professional that enjoys making others feel their best!"


"She is superb, her massages tailor to your specific needs. Her knowledge is skill is invaluable."


"Lauren is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She really knows how the body works and is helping me with my neck problems. I would recommend her to everybody that wants to feel better."


"I've been receiving massages from Lauren at BodyWork fusion since 2015! She has always been professional, caring and knowledgeable. I've received many many essential oil readings and much energy work. I've learned and I've grown. I highly recommend Lauren and her company!"


"Best massage I've very had. Great deep tissue work for pain relief. Good understanding of how everything is linked together. Listens really well."


"I have had several sessions with Lauren. My muscles can get bad cramps and can hurt for days, and sometimes it may hurt when she works on me but she is a miracle worker. She takes the time to do it right, works on the things I need worked on and focuses on problem areas. She has tons of knowledge and skill, putting as much or as little pressure as you need in the right places."


"2 neurologist

2 chiropractors

2 pain management doctors

2 Plastic Surgeons

1 Thoracic Surgery Team

3 MRIs

2 EMGs

2 Nerve Conduction tests

3 Steroid and Nerve Block Injections

2 Botox Injections in the Pectoralis Minor

5 WRONG diagnoses (Bone spur in Neck, Ulnar nerve impingement in wrist, Ulnar Nerve impingement in elbow, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Pectoralis Minor Syndrome)

1 AMAZING massage therapist

For my first visit with Lauren, I knew my right hand hurt and was numb and tingling, but I didn’t know how the rest of my body was causing some of that pain and how bad I had let myself go. I had run a half marathon the year before, and I thought I was in good shape. I was wrong.

Lauren felt my pecs and told me that she would guess a lot of my problems were coming from there.  I had been in pain so long that I no longer felt the pain in some areas of my body.  I cried during my first visit and for many more after that, as Lauren broke through years of scar tissue and relaxed muscles that had been clinched most of my life. But after each visit, I GOT RELIEF from the pain.  Something I had not gotten from any other medical provider. 

We started on the Pec Major. Two chiropractors and a year of physical therapy had been unable to release my pec major and shoulder. After finally releasing, I realized how long I had been curled into myself. My shoulders rolled forward, my back was always rolled out (like a turtle shell), and my neck was always down. 

Then Lauren began working on the Pec minor.  I cried again. And again. But Lauren continued to work deeper into the muscle and after each visit, MORE RELIEF. And the relief lasted longer after each visit.  Next she worked on my arms.  Wait? I’ve had arms? I’m an accountant and have spent my entire career starring at a screen and using my right arm on the mouse for 8 hours a day.   But I never felt anything wrong with my arms. I cried again as she worked out muscles in my arms I had forgotten I had. Reaching muscles sensors that my body had turned off. I could lift my arm over my head again.  I had forgotten that I was supposed to be able to do that.  

Teres major, teres minor, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, intercostals….. Lauren has taught me the anatomy of my shoulder and thoracic region. Laruen has taught me to have body awareness again.  To feel where my body hurts.

Although I still have pain, it is now at a level where I can live a quality life without pain medication. I will not stop looking for the cause and a cure for my condition.  And Laruen has never and will never give up on me."

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