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Energy Work and Intuitive readings

Intuitive Energy Work


I absolutely love offering energy work to my clients, and in doing so, I feel that I have truly found my calling! I work intuitively, using my own gifts as a clairvoyant and a channel to be able to help you release thing that are heavy, painful and no longer serving you and then to bring in light, healing and the tools you need for growth. I work with my own team of spirit guides to look into the akashic records to help find healing from past life trauma, and to find gifts that may lay dormant in your energy body. I also channel light language to break down barriers and bring expansion, light and integration into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Most people I have worked with have found that an energy work session helps to bring peace, clarity, authenticity and awareness, as well as new or increased boundaries, and expansion, growth and confidence within themselves.

I offer energy work:

 - In my studio, just east of Beltway 8 in Houston, Texas

- Over the phone

- On zoom (anywhere in the world!)


60 minute Energy Work session - $90

90 minute Energy Work session - $120

2 hour Energy Work sessions - $165


Mobile appointments are available in the in the comfort of your own home in the South East Houston (ish) area 

Starting at $145


What is energy work, and how could it benefit me?

Do your emotions rule your life? Do you have pain in your body that is medically unexplainable? Are you dealing with chronic issues such as fatigue, brain fog or anxiety? Do you feel easily overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have closed yourself off from others?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, energy work can help! 

I am an empath. It's the reason I became a massage therapist in the first place. I feel people's emotions. Like really feel. Being an empath impacted my life in ways that made it difficult to do routine things. Going to the store was draining. Having a party with friends was exhausting. At the beginning of my massage career, I would come home, and curl up into the fetal position, feeling the aches, pains and emotional distress of all the people I had touched that day.  I went in search of answers to why I could not deal with the career that I loved so much, or for that matter, with my life. I learned all kind of energy work, and some of it was really helpful. But it wasn't until I found this embodied energy work that my life truly changed. I learned to be more grounded and present, learned to use my clairvoyance to see and hear and fully understand myself and others. I learned to distinguish my emotions from other people's rather than just to feel a jumble of emotions, and learned to clear and evolve my own energy. This has changed my life in so many ways, helped me become more confident, and truly begin to realize my potential.

I love being able to do this work with others, and help them find more peace, confidence and to walk down the paths they had been searching for.

Every energy work session is different, and changes time to time and person to person. My work is intuitive and specifically customized  to meet your needs, wherever you may be.

After each energy work session, I will give you energy tools to help you move though your life with more ease and become more and more yourself. 

Through this work, I have seen people open up, make profound realizations about themselves and their lives, even change careers, find new passions, and let go of things and ideas that are no longer serving them.

Book a session today, and let me help you to find the peace and confidence you have been searching for!


Spiritual Aromatherapy

At this point, we all know that aromatherapy can be relaxing and even medicinal, but did you know that it can help on a mental, emotional and even spiritual level as well? That's where a spiritual essential oil reading comes in. With an essential oil reading, I intuitively choose oils specifically for you and your needs at the time. I then blend them up for you to take home with instructions as to when and where you should use them. I can even use them on you in a massage or energy work session. There are so many essential oils and they can do so many different things. They can help to remove mental and emotional blocks and open you to more love and trust,  help you to clear your mind, find your voice and open your creative center, or help you find balance, calm and peace. An essential oil reading is also fantastic when combined with energy work or massage. 

Add a spiritual essential oil reading to a massage or energy work session for $45

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